Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 24th-Columbus, NM to El Paso, TX

So today was a victory lap of sorts. The road was paved, the weather was cool, and the wind was at our backs.

We rolled out of Columbus about 10 am and made the 70 mile ride to El Paso by 4pm.

Then we stopped at DQ for a celebratory burger.

Hitting El Paso right at rush hour was getting pretty crazy, so we stopped at a gas station to see if we could find a map and list of campgrounds, hopefully close to the airport.

After striking out on the phone book and map, I called my dad who googled up a list of campgrounds and state parks in the area. We called about 10 of them to no avail. Most were just RV parks only and didn't allow tent camping.

So we were running out of ideas when guy at the ATM machine beside us (Tony) overheard our conversation and offered to let us stay in his back pasture which was just down the road.

Turns out his back pasture was actually a lovely Casita on the back of his property. He and his wife Julie made us chicken curry and even happened to be going to the airport the next morning, so I was able to hitch a ride with them.

Oh and check out the photo of their family Christmas Card from last year.

So that's the final chapter of this adventure. The amazing scenery, I expected, but the amazing hospitality I experienced along the way made the trip.

Until the next adventure.

Thanks to everyone for their support.

Also, I plan to use this blog for my trip to Peru and Argentina in January, so you may want to keep the bookmark.

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