Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 14th Valdivia to Santiago, Chile

Caught the night bus to Santiago Chile. Ponied up the extra $10 for the executive service. Which basically means the seats fold completely flat. Very nice for the night bus.

Was woken up at 8 am when one of the bus guys nudged me as we rolled into the terminal. So i hoped up to grab my bags. Jerked the the earplugs out of my ears (with the attached string) and realized that something just wasn´t right.

I realized one of the earplugs had broken off inside my ear. So i had half an earplug jammed deeper into my head than i thought was possible.

So my first hour in Santiago was spent trying to remove the earplug with various objects including the tweezers and toothpic from my pocket knife. An hour later, I could hear again and the earplug was free.

So after that, I took the Santiago subway to my hostel and got situated for a couple days of touring around town.

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