Monday, January 26, 2009

January 25th-Back to Puno

We caught the boat back to Puno today after a great lunch and a tour of Taquille Island.

On the way I was informed by some American teachers living in Paraguay that my entry into Bolivia may not be as smooth as I hoped.

Evidently they have this policy they apply soley to Americans called recipricocity. Which basically means ¨George Bush treats us like crap so screw you rich American¨.

If you don´t believe me, feel free to link to the Bolivian Embassy site via the US embassy consular sheet.

Anyway, the short story is that I have to meet with the embassy in Puno prior to entering Bolivia. Since my bus is due to depart at 7am tomorrow (monday), I´m pretty much SOL.

So I´ve rebooked my bus trip for Tuesday morning and hoping I can get everything squared away with them tomorrow.

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