Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 3rd- Uyuni to Potosi

Got back to Uyuni last night and went out for a nice dinner. Steak, fries, and vegetables for $2.25. 2 beers ran the tab up another $1.25.

Then grabbed the 9am bus to Pitosi, which is a mining town 6 hours east.

Found a hostel (private room) for $2.75 per night. A new record. The good news is that despite the recent stock market slump, you´re still rich in Bolivia.

Met a couple from Switzerland and set up our tour of the silver mine for tomorrow.

Check out the pics of my room and the courtyard at the hotel. A little banged up but quite a bit of character.

Also, the lady in the first pic was on our bus with the baby slung behind.

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