Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 23rd Mendoza Argentina

We caught the night bus from Buenos Aires to Mendoza and arrived early in the morning of the 23rd. The bus was great. A boutique service called Cata with flat folding seats and dinner and drinks served on the bus. Also a couple of movies in English. Sweet.

After dropping our bags at the hostel at about 8 30 am, we found that we could sign up for the bikes and wine tour that day, since pickup was 10 am. So we took a quick shower and by 11 am, we were pedaling through the wine country.

The tour was great. We hit 4 Bodegas (wineries) and a really great wine museum where they take you through the history of wine production in South America and show you how it is made today.

We rolled back into town late that night and went out to grab a Parilla dinner. Chorizo, steak, intestines (not good), etc. And of course, more wine.

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